1. Filling my fat fucking face on magic (at Bludso’s BBQ)


  2. Last night was a great one!! We crushed it! Thanks to everyone that came out and thanks to @nicoleaudreyavocado for the guitar strappy!


  3. Perfect sounds for a saturday afternoon. Babe city!

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  4. Ride it out, don’t fear it. Do your best and make it count. 




  7. A young Tails

    Claremont, CA



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  9. Where do bad folks go when they die?

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  11. Gerry’s Pizza

    Sweet sauce. Spiral Cheese. Killer crust.

    Wilkes-Barre, PA


  12. Buzzy’s Bazaar

    This place was the jam when you were a kid in my home town. Birthday party kinda place. Arcades and pizza and skeeball and pinball. all you really need at that age, right?

    Wilkes-Barre, PA

    January 2013


  13. Spoon + Wolf Parade is always a good time. This time especially.

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  14. no need for the black maria, goodbye to the Brixton sun

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  15. summon Prince like whoa

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